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Regenexx Advanced Regenerative Orthopedic Procedures

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The Regenexx-Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures offer breakthrough, non-surgical treatment options for people suffering from moderate to severe joint, tendon, ligament, or bone pain due to injury and other conditions. The Centeno-Schultz clinic is the original stem cell based musculoskeletal practice in the U.S., with more stem cell orthopedics experience than any other clinic. We are also the physician leaders in stem cell therapy for orthopedic injuries in terms of research presentations, publications, and academic achievements.

Regenexx™ procedures offer a viable alternative to many who are facing surgery due to injury or are suffering from chronic pain. Our patients experience little to no down time from our procedures and avoid the painful and lengthy rehab period that usually follows surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

At the Centeno-Schultz clinic, we believe that when all you have is a hammer, you tend to look for a nail. Meaning that many clinics offering stem cell therapy only offer one type because it’s what’s produced by the bedside centrifuge they happen to have or the “kit” bought by the clinic. Since we have a state of the art cell biology facility, we develop medical procedures that are licensed world-wide.

Regenexx Stem Cell & Platelet Procedures

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